Van Ness

Go north on the Metro from Cleveland Park and the next stop is Van Ness. It's at this point in Metro's trip north that the train leaves the Connecticut Avenue corridor and heads off towards Wisconsin Avenue. It may, or may not, be important to mention that Van Ness is not a D.C. neighborhood, it's a Metro station. Despite that, we have determined that the Van Ness area (even though it doesn't exist) stretches from Tilden Street in the south to Albemarle Street in the north. Trust us, it's easier this way.

The area is home to the Van Ness campus of the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) and also Howard Law school. Here's where you'll find the interesting (architecturally speaking) Intelsat building along with loads of embassies and a healthy selection of dry cleaners and sandwich shops. The Italian Pizza Kitchen and the Indian Ocean are recent additions to the area.

Van Ness Street, which crosses Connecticut Avenue, has a couple of parking spaces on the west side of the Avenue reserved for car-sharing vehicles. The spaces are on Van Ness Street but right at its intersection with Connecticut Avenue.