Kalorama Heights

Connecticut Avenue is often the dividing line for many neighborhoods, which area you're in can sometimes depend on which side of the avenue you're standing. Between Dupont Circle and Woodley Park is a case in point. For simplicity's sake, we've called the area Kalorama Heights and it stretches from Florida Avenue in the south to the Taft Memorial bridge in the north. The reality is that Kalorama Heights is only on the west side of Connecticut Avenue and the neighborhood of Adams Morgan is on the east.

So for our purposes, Kalorama Heights is the area of Connecticut Avenue between Dupont Circle and Woodley Park. If you're walking, it's uphill from Dupont and downhill from Woodley.

Landmarks on the avenue include the Chinese Embassy at the southern end of the Taft Memorial bridge, the Hilton Hotel on the east side of Connecticut Avenue, and several restaurants, especially as you get closer to Dupont Circle. Those restaurants include Ruth's Chris Steak House, Buca Di Beppo, Russia House, Pines of Florence, Mourayo, etc.