How Do I Find What I'm Looking For?

The site has been divided into a series of neighborhoods and Metro stations and those areas are listed across the top of each page. The Metro's Red Line parallels much of Connecticut Avenue and the stations are Farragut North, Dupont Circle, Woodley Park, Cleveland Park, and Van Ness. The areas that are not particularly close to Metro stations: Kalorama Heights, Forest Hills, and Chevy Chase, are also listed and each area's opening page takes a stab at explaining the neighborhood's boundaries. There's also an option called All Areas for everything in a particular genre regardless of location.

Yes, But How Do I Find What I'm Looking For?

Each page has a list of the various types of business to be found on Connecticut Avenue. The list is found near the top of each page and has the words, "Choose a category" above it. Click on the downward pointing arrow and the list is revealed. Another option is to enter the name of a business in the lower of the two boxes. This will search all of Connecticut Avenue for the business name (or portion thereof) that you entered.

If you're interested in a particular neighborhood then first click on that area at the top of the page, e.g., Cleveland Park. When you're on that neighborhood's opening page, click on the list of business categories. Choose a category, for example, Restaurants, and click on the "Go" button. All restaurants listed in the Cleveland Park area will be returned. Those that don't easily fit into a category or they're "one-of-a-kind" outfits can be found under "Other."

If you don't know, or care, about the neighborhoods, select All Areas. For example, to see all apartment buildings on Connecticut Avenue, choose All Areas at the top of the page and then Apartments from the business category list.

What? You're Not On The Site?

If you know of an establishment missing from the site, please take a moment to let us know. Thanks. If you spot any egregious errors on the site please drop us a line. Thanks again.



What's the difference between "Other" and "Specialty?"

There were some places that do not fit easily into a business category or they were just too unique to warrant having their own category. These two types of places went either into the "Other" or the "Specialty" categories.

"Other" consists of those organizations that are unique in this database. This is where you'll find the Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital, the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority, the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation to the USA, the Chevy Chase Community Center and, well, "others."

The "Specialty" category holds such organizations as Candleman, Fatty's Custom Tattooz, and The Pleasure Place.

The businesses in "Specialty" could one day have competition whereas it's likely that the organizations listed in "Other" will remain unique. When a "Specialty" business has someone else open a similar business, the two companies will be taken out of "Specialty" and given their own business category. In other words, if another tattoo place opens on Connecticut Avenue, then it and Fatty's will be placed in their own business category of "Tattoos."