Forest Hills

Connecticut Avenue is the dividing line between the neighborhoods of Forest Hills in the east and North Cleveland Park in the west. This area is north of the Van Ness Metro station and south of Chevy Chase circle. For simplicity, we'll refer to the area as Forest Hills and, although this may not be technically correct, there are no "Welcome To Forest Hills" or "You're Now Leaving Forest Hills" signs to dispute us.

So, we'll say that Forest Hills is from Albemarle Street in the south to Nebraska Avenue in the north. There is no Metro Rail up here but there's always the L1, L2, and L4 buses and, of course, taxis to help you get around. It's a slightly uphill ride (or walk) of two miles or so from the Van Ness Metro to Chevy Chase circle that takes you through Forest Hills.

Many apartment and condominium buildings here, some from the 1960s, others with that "old world charm" that realtors are fond of speaking about. Forest Hills is also home to what's been called 'the best bookstore in the world,' Politics & Prose.