Dupont Circle

Dupont Circle is the intersection of New Hampshire Avenue, P Street, Massachusetts Avenue, Connecticut Avenue, and 19th Street.

Dupont Circle and Farragut North are where the Web site deviates a little from the Connecticut Avenue only concept. Because there's so much going on in the Dupont Circle area, the listings have been expanded to include everything from Florida Avenue in the north to M Street in the south and 17th Street in the east to 22nd Street in the west.

The circle sits at the top of the downtown district but, unlike downtown, doesn't close down after the workday is over. The Dupont Circle scene is alive and kicking any night of the week with enough bars, clubs, and restaurants to cater to any taste.

No need to be hungry in Dupont Circle! There are over 100 restaurants in this 5 square block area, with such well known names as La Tomate, Al Tiramisu, The Palm, i Ricchi, The Melting Pot, and Hudson Restaurant. There's also five pizza places as well as Cosi's, Chipotle's, and lots, lots more.

Need a beer? Brickskeller, Buffalo Billiards, The Front Page, Madhatter, and The Big Hunt can all be found here, and, if you feel like dancing, well, there are lots of clubs.

Dupont Circle is a center of activity in the city and the Dupont Circle Metro station is one of the busier stations in the Metro system. It has two entrances, the north entrance is at 20th & Q and the south is at 19th & Dupont Circle.



Dupont Circle was originally named Pacific Circle, but was renamed for Admiral Samuel F. DuPont of Civil War fame and a statue in his honor was erected in the center of the circle in 1884. The Dupont family moved the sculpture to Wilmington, Delaware in 1920 and commissioned the current white marble fountain as a replacement.