All Connecticut Avenue

Connecticut Avenue stretches from H street in the south all the way to Chevy Chase Circle and beyond in the north and this is the page to search all of the businesses on the entire avenue. There are over 1000 businesses in 87 categories ranging from apartments to zoos.

Connecticut Avenue is not short of much. Here's some numbers:

  • Need somewhere to live? 41 apartment buildings, 19 condominiums, 4 co-ops.
  • Hungry? Almost 100 restaurants on the avenue, almost 200 in our database which expands for a few blocks off the avenue at Dupont Circle and Farragut North.
  • Need clothes? Over 25 clothes shops.
  • Clothes need cleaning? 16 dry cleaners.
  • Bad Hair Day? 21 hairdressers.
  • Available parking spaces? 0.

There are also 10 drug stores, 7 Starbucks, 9 grocery stores, 11 bars, 22 health and fitness outlets, 2 fire stations, 6 CVS's, and loads more including lots of statues and other sculptures.